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Offensive Game Planning Kit

Offensive Game Planning Kit

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The job of Offensive Coodinator can be a taxing one, especially when you are creating game planning material from scratch. A well organized coach spends a vast majority of their time designing a plan to fit various needs of their team during the season. How these decisions are made and communicated directly impacts the success of the program. Since the majority of coaches have been doing the same planning processes that were used when leather helmets were worn, this opens up an opportunity to get a leg up on your competition.

This Offensive Game Planning Kit is a 21st century answer to 20th century planning problems. This kit is a compilation of years of game planning study and research. It has been created as a one stop game planning workbook!


This kit includes:

  • Offensive Planning Workflow Sheet
  • Offensive Game Planning Checklist
  • 63 Game Planning Questions & 14 Focused Cut-Up Categories 
  • Defensive Tendencies Chart Template
  • Varsity & JV Depth Chart Template
  • Sample Practice Script
  • 1 Practice Playlist Template
  • Play Tracker Template for Game Use
  • (Bonus) Coin Toss Strategy Chart


Once you have gained full access to the cource you will be able to fully utilize this kit to your teams specific needs. While it was developed in Excel it is still fully functional as a Google Sheet. 

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