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Coach`s Productivity Kit

Coach`s Productivity Kit

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he Coach's Productivity Toolkit is a powerful collection of documents and templates specifically curated to empower football coaches with the essential tools and strategies to enhance their productivity and boost program development. Gain access to a variety of streamlined templates and program development ideas that will save you valuable time and energy. From offensive and defensive scout sheets and practice plan templates to program development and year-round fundraising ideas, this toolkit provides practical resources to streamline your coaching process. Elevate your coaching abilities, make the most of your time, and lead your team to unparalleled success.


What's included in this kit?


Offensive & Defensive Scout Sheets: These sheets are designed to help coaches scout and analyze their opponents' offensive and defensive strategies and create a game plan for success. They provide a structured format to track and discuss key information, such as formations, plays, player tendencies, and game observations, allowing coaches to develop highly effective game plans.


Offensive & Defensive Play Keeper Sheets: These sheets are invaluable tools for coaches to keep track of their own team's offensive and defensive plays. They provide a concise and organized way to document play calls, formations, player assignments, and any variations or adjustments made during the game.


Offensive and Defensive Practice Situations: These practice situations offer coaches a variety of scenarios to simulate during team practices. They cover offensive and defensive drills, game-like situations, and specific scenarios to help players develop their skills, decision-making abilities, and teamwork under different conditions.


Practice Plan Templates: These templates provide coaches with a structured framework to plan and organize their team practices effectively. They include sections for warm-up activities, skill development drills, team plays, conditioning exercises, and cool-down routines, ensuring a well-rounded and productive practice session.


Recruiting List Template: This template assists coaches in creating a comprehensive list of potential recruits from their team for visiting or inquiring college coaches. It allows you to track important information about each recruit, such as contact details, player profiles, academic records, and evaluation notes, streamlining the recruiting process. This ensures college coaches are well informed about your athletes during their recruiting process.


25 Program Development Ideas: This resource offers coaches 25 innovative ideas and strategies to enhance their football program's development. It covers areas such as team culture, leadership development, player motivation, communication techniques, and community engagement, providing practical suggestions to elevate the overall program.


Year-Round Fundraising Ideas: This compilation presents coaches with a variety of fundraising ideas to support their football program throughout the year. It includes creative and proven methods for generating financial resources, engaging the community, and helping coaches sustain and strengthen their program financially.


Travel Checklist: This checklist is designed to ensure coaches have all the necessary items and details in order when planning and preparing for team travel. It covers essential aspects such as equipment, uniforms, medical supplies, and necessary documentation, ensuring a smooth and well-organized travel experience for the team.


These resources are intended to support coaches in their preparation, organization, and overall development of their football programs, offering valuable tools and ideas to enhance their coaching effectiveness and the success of their teams.

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